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Battery Park

Hoy los niños juegan

sobre la barbarie fratricida.

Ignorantes del pasado,

caminando hacia el futuro,


Today children playing

on the fratricidal barbarity.

Ignoring the past,

walking to the future,

Foto en la noche

– Papá, ¡¡¡esto es un destructor imperial de Star Wars!!!

– ¡Quién sabe! Hijo mío…


– Daddy, this is an imperial destroyer!!!

– Who knows! Dear son

Surprise: car wash rates and WARNING

‘WARNING: the company is not liable for damages caused by machines.’
Can this be legal? Ethics better nor wonder …

¿Puede ser esto legal? Sobre la ética mejor ni pregunto…



Diseases do not have summer vacation.

And health services?


Pareidolia on the floor: find the little bear.

The wait


Senin için.

Kedi halı üzerinde yatıyor


Confused Confucius?

Where is Leo? The answer

Check the original photo: link

Breakfast @hospital 9.00 a.m.

​Breakfast at the hospital by staff.

Leading by example?

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