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Foto en la noche

– Papá, ¡¡¡esto es un destructor imperial de Star Wars!!!

– ¡Quién sabe! Hijo mío…


– Daddy, this is an imperial destroyer!!!

– Who knows! Dear son

Surprise: car wash rates and WARNING

‘WARNING: the company is not liable for damages caused by machines.’
Can this be legal? Ethics better nor wonder …

¿Puede ser esto legal? Sobre la ética mejor ni pregunto…



Diseases do not have summer vacation.

And health services?


Pareidolia on the floor: find the little bear.

The wait


Senin için.

Kedi halı üzerinde yatıyor


Confused Confucius?

Where is Leo? The answer

Check the original photo: link

Breakfast @hospital 9.00 a.m.

​Breakfast at the hospital by staff.

Leading by example?

Age of Plastic

Evolution of castles in the Age of Plastic

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