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febrero 9, 2018

¡Qué suerte tienes de vivir en Mallorca! con todo el año con buenas temperaturas…


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  1. Me gusta mucho esa foto. La temperatura es la apropiada. Dicen lo mismo de aquí en Málaga.

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  2. Gracias. Quien diga eso de Málaga sin duda no ha vivido el Terral 🤣

    Me gusta

  3. amazing view… Mediterranean climate is so nice, Chopin when he thought that it was a nice climate for his health, he moved to the island. But at first time the weather was so bad, cold, rainy…. Chopin was so bad too… but he composed his best ones there too… I always remember this dear José and is it still there the house at the hill (it was a difficult moving for his piano too) and also the house was with big windows but without glass…. You know, one of my dreams to visit island… I hope and wish I could. Thank you dear José, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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    • Dear Nia, I hope you can come soon to Mallorca to be able to follow Chopin’s steps together. In addition to many other beautiful places on the island. Of course, in winter you have to come well sheltered by the cold and humidity.

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      • I dream…. it would be so nice and also cuisine of the land should be delicious…. and landscape, music,… even to think to imagine makes me excited. I hope and wish. Thank you, Love, nia

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    • In 1985 I spent several weeks as part of a student group on Mallorca. On one excursion, the organizers took us to Valldemossa so we could walk in the rooms where Chopin and George Sand stayed. The place is now a museum:

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      • Dear Steve, I love Valdemossa.
        I wrote some post about it
        Every year I go to Valldemossa at least two times to eat “horchata de almendras y coca de patatas”.
        Thanks for comment!!!

        Me gusta

      • Thank you so much, I dream to visit there too… Love, nia

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  4. In Barcelona I bought a liter of horchata and brought it back to the boarding house where I was staying. I imagine the horchata de almendra in Valldemossa is even better. I never heard of coca de patata while I was there. Maybe someday…

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  5. Rosamaría Alberdi permalink

    Sí, pero aún así, ¡tenemos suerte !!!!

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    • Sí, podemos sentirnos afortunados 😍

      Me gusta

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