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Cincuenta y cuatro

febrero 23, 2018

Quiero acabar el día recomendando un libro, bueno, dos, o tres porque es una trilogía.

Fijaros como, Cixin Liu, comienza El Bosque Oscuro

Dan ganas de seguir leyendo, ¿verdad?

Eso sí, previamente, tendrás que leer El problema de los tres cuerpos, muy, muy recomendable si te gusta la ciencia ficción. Yo llegué a ellos gracias al podcast Radio Skylab también muy recomendable si te gusta la astronomía y la ciencia.

Si te animas a leerlos ya me contarás…

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  1. Gracias por la recomendación.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. I noted, I love science fiction and I want to read Thank you, it will be nice after reading to come back here again 🙂 Love, nia

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    • For decades we have been emitting all types of electromagnetic waves into space.
      But we have thought what would happen if the wrong people were listening out there.
      That it would be smarter to talk into the unknown or remain silent?
      I hope you enjoy reading the «Problem of the three bodies» very much.

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      • Dear José, you made me wonder more now 🙂 I haven’t known this writer and sure, I will start with problem of the three bodies, I hope I can find. There are many things now known in the space and in the universe.. so what’s going on, on science fiction I really wonder. Thank you, Love, nia

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  3. I am glad that I found the book, they will send to me, it’s been long time I haven’t read science fiction. My last book about science book was the series of isaac asimov… Once again Thank you, I hope I enjoy. Have a nice day, Love, nia

    Me gusta

  4. I have read the book. I can say this, as science fiction, it’s been the hardest book for understand. Reader should know physical science, astrophysics,…etc. And also the Chinese names make my mind confused. But it was worthy to read and it was really written as if everything was real… The most beautiful part for me, the message of the writer in the epilogue! I loved it.

    Another notes about this amazing book, I really wish to see/to watch in a film… Like star wars series but I am sure it would be more impressive especially a few stages I can imagine… dry time and watery time and also what happened in Panama channel… There are amazing views… maybe more than in Stanley Kubrick’s imaginations….

    Thank you dear Jose, you introduced me with this writer and now I am waiting for the other books of this writer, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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    • Thanks dear Nia for this great analysis of the book. I agree fully with you. In addition to the purely scientific and technological, I am passionate about the idea that tomorrow we come into contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. And even more it fascinates me to think about the ethical and moral consequences in our society.
      I’m glad you liked the book.
      A big hug!!!

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  5. I forgot to say this too, the message about «ethics» and «morals» was great too! Nothing improves all together in humanity…

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