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Cincuenta y ocho

febrero 27, 2018


Mira bien la foto antes de responder.


Look carefully at the photo before answering the question

From → Bioética, General, Sineu

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  1. He is carrying something in his mouth….? He is hunting dog…?

    Good Evening, Thanks and Love, nia

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  2. The first time I saw the dog running, like lightning, among the grass I thought: freedom

    But when I saw, that again and again, he came and went obediently bringing the stick to his master … my thinking changed …

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  3. actually dear José, none of us is free…. think of the birds…. When I was a child I was dreaming to dream to be a bird…. because they can fly wherever they want… then I grew up and I learned that there is a barrier for them too, they can’t fly up to the sky.. Freedom is according to the conditioned situations…. Good Morning from a rainy and dark day, Love, nia

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